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Behind the Scenes of a Signature OMO Event

"It's not just the food, but like the details around the food... those are the things that really

separate us." - Lisa Granger, Chef/Owner, OMO Catering

At OMO, crafting an event is akin to writing a captivating novel. Each detail is a thoughtfully

chosen word, and every moment unfolds like a page in a compelling story. This

behind-the-scenes glimpse offers a window into the meticulous process and heartfelt passion that shape our extraordinary events.

Every event at OMO begins as a narrative waiting to be told. Clients' visions and dreams serve as the prologue, setting the tone for the chapters to come. From the meticulous selection of the menu to the careful arrangement of the décor, every element is a sentence woven into this unfolding tale.

The collaborative spirit is the cornerstone of our storytelling. Florists, entertainers, and venue

staff each lend their unique voices, much like characters in a novel, with OMO expertly

intertwining these contributions into a cohesive and engaging plot.

On the day of the event, our kitchen transforms into a writer's sanctuary, where our chefs, akin to seasoned authors, craft each dish with precision and flair. The menu transcends the ordinary; it becomes a vibrant anthology of flavorful narratives, each plate a revelation, unfolding a new chapter in the evening’s epic.

Consider a recent autumn wedding we catered at the historic Maine of Williamsburg. As guests arrived, they were greeted with a carefully curated selection of small bites, each serving as a tantalizing prelude to the night's festivities. The dinner stations presented a panoramic spread of culinary choices, ingeniously crafted to narrate the unique love story of the couple.

"This is where we tend to really excel... It's how we deliver the experience that really matters a lot."

As the final chapter of the event draws near, what endures is more than the memory of a

sumptuous meal. It's the sensation of having been part of an unforgettable narrative. Guests leave with the realization that every nuance, every flavor, and every interaction was an integral part of a larger, exquisitely crafted story.

At OMO, an event is far more than a mere gathering; it’s an anthology of moments, each echoing long after the final goodbyes. Our aim is to weave stories that not only captivate but also leave a lasting imprint, as enduring and poignant as the chapters of a beloved book. In OMO's world, every event is a passage through a storybook of extraordinary experiences, each one unique, each one memorable.

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